Mission possible

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Between glamor and construction site

Often, the most important things unfold where no one is watching. Behind the scenes. Away from the limelight. So, if you’re looking for heroes, you should look where there’s no glory to be had.

The annual Employer Branding Forum is just around the corner. The event attracts the top brass from big companies to Gurten each year – with high-profile speakers, perfect organization, and a large portion of Innviertel hospitality. As a guest, you feel welcome, everything feels authentic and sincere. All so easy and effortless.

This is the culmination of weeks of preparation, hard work, and real dedication. The people responsible for the technology and setup – the Fill Facility Management team – take great pride in their work.

Along with the summer festival, the Employer Branding Forum is logistically the most challenging event of the year. But as the locals here in Innviertel say: “Impossible is nothing!”

//Christoph Salhofer, Janitor at Fill


But the Employer Branding Forum isn’t the only challenge. Month after month, Fill hosts a variety of events for which the top priority is to prepare everything perfectly right down to the finest detail. And at a busy company like Fill, a steady stream of repair and maintenance jobs – both big and small – is also part of the daily routine.

Visitors and guests often arrive with a stereotypical notion of an industrial company, expecting to see grimy floors and a noisy, dust-filled environment. But they find none of that at Fill.


It’s always great to hear how surprised the guests were with how clean and tidy things are here.

//Brigitte Prighel, Cleaning Team Leader

“See our janitors hard at work, the Filli friends, they never shirk...” This was the catchy tune for the 2021 carnival, sung by our youngest at the “Planet Filli Future” kindergarten, who dressed up as janitors and yard trucks. They too know that the “real” janitors and technical maintenance staff at Fill are always on hand when needed.


The flexibility and versatility of this team are truly astonishing. They repair anything that’s broken, they work on our construction sites, and they even decorate our giant Christmas tree each year. And they also work off-site, such as when erecting exhibition stands at local fairs, meticulously ensuring that every part is in the right place.

With their creativity, initiative and dedication, no mission seems impossible. These are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, who add a personal touch and help make Fill the great company that it is.

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