It’s cocktail o’clock

60,000 drinks in 14 years

Bartender Roland – a legend, a friend, and the world’s best barman. A trade show concept that packs a punch.

The year is 2009, and spring has arrived in Maastricht. The UTECH grounds are in a state of controlled chaos. Trucks are delivering the last exhibits, technicians are scrambling for last-minute solutions, and tables are being wiped clean only to be covered with a fine layer of dust again moments later. The trade show kicks off in 24 hours. Everything will be spot-on, exactly where it should be, and anything out of place will likely go unnoticed.

The next morning arrives. One final check in the mirror – the outfit is immaculate. The last vacuum cleaners glide gracefully over the carpeted floors as they make their way along the long row of booths. Major corporations attempt to outdo each other with increasingly grand booth concepts. But with a “more is more” approach, things often end up feeling like more of the same.

But there’s a difference this time. At the Fill booth, the specialist machine builder from Gurten has installed a red cube. Behold, it’s a fully equipped cocktail bar, complete with bartender! And not just any old barman, but one of the very best. Perhaps even the best in the world. Roland Bichler from the Salzburg region is a magnetic presence amidst the professional atmosphere that typically prevails at trade fairs. Since making his debut in 2009, he has become an indispensable member of the Fill trade show team, appearing at all major exhibitions from Düsseldorf and Hanover to Paris and Milan. By now, he is on first-name terms with some customers, and for many, a visit to Fill is synonymous with a trip to see Roland. The combination of Roland’s innovative cocktail creations and Fill’s technological innovations has become an attraction in its own right at trade fairs. Both customers and co-workers enjoy the special atmosphere at the Fill exhibition stand.

We love working with Roland and are pleased to have developed a close partnership and friendship with him over the years. Some of his cocktails have packed a real punch and created some memorable moments in Fill’s trade fair history.

//Robert Bleckenwegner, Trade Fair Organization at Fill

Incredible to think that Roland has already mixed 60,000 cocktails for us at trade fairs. And he’s also served an untold number of drinks at numerous company parties and events in Gurten, where – just like at the trade fairs – his cocktails ensure a great mood and make a lasting impression on our guests.


I enjoy what I do and am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Fill trade fair team. The unique atmosphere, the great team spirit and the down-to-earth people are just some of the things that make working with them so great.

//Roland Bichler, Bartender, fbe flying bar entertainment

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