Generation Hans

A force of nature shakes the region

A guide for company tours, a motorcycle restorer, a technology pioneer, and, above all, a humanist. Johann Hauer embodies the values of 'Generation Hans'.

Dusk is falling. The sun is sinking below the horizon, the blinds are being lowered. Darkness and peace is gradually returning to our idyllic rural community. Except in a small garage. Here the light is still shining. Inquisitively, we take a look through the slightly misty windows.

Pictures of historic motorcycles and countless tools, meticulously arranged, adorn the walls. A thick gray ring binder lies open on the table, revealing the electrical wiring diagram of a Moto Guzzi model, year 1990. Everything has its place and you can tell that a professional is at work here.

Dressed in red overalls, his cheeks lightly smeared with oil, a silver no. 6 open-end wrench in his hand, Johann is focused on fine tuning his machine. Or, rather, the parts of it that are still discernible. Like the two powerful teeth of a saber-tooth tiger, the suspension fork protrudes from the black painted steel skeleton. The already fitted wiring harness resembles a string of nerves, which connects the few electrical functions with the alternator.

Although transmission and engine have already been serviced and polished, time is pressing. The aim is to completely renovate a motorcycle dismantled into its individual parts within the next three weeks. The destination: a vintage motorbike rally on Lake Como. That's motivation enough. When Johann sets his mind to something, it always gets done. With great commitment and dedication. Always. At the company, at home, in the community. His tireless commitment to humanitarian causes – particularly the integration of refugees – makes him a widely respected role model. In this role, he bestowed us with two amiable new villagers and employees.

Thanks to his missionary zeal for expanding the regional fiber-optic network, the inhabitants of Gurten will now be able to stream and surf freely whenever they want in future as well. If there were street names for data highways, then "Johann Hauer Avenue" would be quite appropriate.

However, a leisurely trip on his motorbike ranks more highly for Johann than any award. Everything else seems to be natural to him. After all, something needs to continue. On the road again.

Johann Hauer has been making a major contribution to our corporate success for 45 years in his work, predominantly in selling ski machines. The fact that all renowned manufacturers of skis and snowboards work together with Fill today is thanks not least to Johann.

"The annual meeting on Generations Day is an occasion for reunion and pleasure. At Fill, great store has always been set by happy coexistence, even after active careers come to an end."

//Johann Hauer, Fill employee in retirement

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