Do you speak Cybernetic?

The complexity of simple tasks.

Josef Nagl creates digitalization solutions which are extremely high-performing yet easy to understand.

Summer. In our beautiful country, this is the time for regional music festivals. The mood is great, and air scented with hoppy beer fills the packed pavilion with an incomparable aroma.

The musicians of MMV Taiskirchen play the Innviertl March and the many registers melt together to create a unique, powerful, euphonious melody. Every note is hit and, under the direction of the wildly gesticulating bandmaster, Josef Nagl gives the festive piece a special touch with his trombone.

As a musician, Josef not only masters his own instrument, he also understands that you need to work together with your colleagues to create a harmonious whole. An ability which has also benefited him greatly at work. But there, it isn’t musical notes that matter, but one and zeros, which, if put together intelligently and with a certain virtuosity, will create the score for the concert of modern production machinery.

In his many years working as a software engineer, the HTL Braunau graduate was entrusted with digitalization topics from the very start. Later, when working as an electrical project manager, he learned how to design and compute large systems to meet the requirements of profile technology and the wood processing industry. Since January 2021, Josef Nagl has been the product manager for digitalization and as such the link between the specialists in .net programming, the data scientists, and the sales professionals. He is our interpreter and translates seemingly strange technical jargon, which sounds like a language from another world, into comprehensible technical German which even a layperson can understand.

At the moment, Josef is designing an extremely complex production system for manufacturing the latest generation of battery trays. The networking of two highly automated production lines, the production warehouse, and the floor-controlled transport systems requires close consultation with the customer in advance. Intelligent production algorithms are then applied to the data using CYBERNETICS PRODUCE to derive the optimum production and logistics strategy – including seamless component traceability. Plant operators and forklift drivers have the best possible overview on their freely configurable dashboards and, together with their teams, they can enjoy the improvements to all relevant production KPIs. The ability to filter out relevant information from this vast amount of data and to output it understandably at the right point is truly an art. Seemingly impossible – but a completely normal job for Josef.

“Digitalization is an important topic for the future of every company. Especially for Fill. Playing a key role in the design from the start and bridging between different departments – that’s an exciting task which I find totally fulfilling. Every project, every customer, brings new challenges that need to be solved,” Josef explains, full of enthusiasm.

Josef is a special person, because he is able to find ways that no one else sees, and understands how to make them visible. He is one of the people who will materially influence the future of digitalization in industry – a virtuoso, as he is with his trombone.

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