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Fill Hackathon 2023 - The mechatronic challenge

HTL students impressed with their inventiveness, talent and team spirit at the 2nd Fill Hackathon.

From December 13 to 15, 2023, Fill was the hotspot for creative, mechatronic ideas. At the 2nd Fill Hackathon, 40 participants from the technical colleges in Andorf, Braunau, Grieskirchen and Ried had to incorporate their ideas into projects in order to solve a tricky task in the field of automated quality control in the best possible way. Without any restrictions in terms of creativity or software and hardware. They worked with drone cameras, programming and the Fill image processing tool CYBERNETICS VISION. Unconventional, creative and "out of the box" approaches were called for.

With the support of a mentor, the five mixed teams of eight participants (two from each HTL) each were eager to get down to business. They worked interdisciplinarily for 48 hours on a creative solution. The aim of the mechatronic challenge was to map the company's value creation process in a simplified version.


On the third day of the event, the young talents presented their results in the disciplines of design, prototyping, automation and user interface to a 5-member jury and their fellow students. A total of around 240 people attended the Future Dome. The winners each received a drone as a prize. Team 5 "AeroFillDetection" was the overall winner and was delighted to receive prize money of 1,600 euros.





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