Ready for an emergency

First aid course for Fill apprentices | © Fill

Stable lateral position, cardiac massage, securing danger zones – all this and much more was on the agenda at the first aid course for first-year apprentices on 25 and 26 March 2024. Accompanied by paramedics Michael and Iris, they were able to brush up on their first aid skills.

On the first day, the theory was taught and practised straight away, with each apprentice acting as a first aider in all exercises. 

On day two, what they had learnt was put into practice - with a large-scale rescue operation including a search dog team. The individual roles were drawn by lot and after a briefing in which the upcoming exercise was discussed and the search dog team was introduced, the extras went to the make-up box. They were given realistic-looking injuries, such as burns, abrasions or even a nail through the hand. Whether as a search dog handler with the three search dogs, answering the emergency call at the control centre in Ried or on the road in the ambulances, all the trainees had an exciting task and mastered it brilliantly.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation between the paramedics and apprentices, all patients were quickly found and subsequently treated. The first-year apprentices would like to thank the Red Cross for the interactive programme. The look behind the scenes was an exciting and instructive experience for everyone involved, which will certainly be remembered for a long time to come!

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