Intelligent Cross-Cut System

The HPCC process from Fill can be used not only for the production of center layers for 3-layer boards, but also for center layers of parquet flooring. 

However, parquet center layers must not have any joints in the edge areas of the subsequent parquet planks in order to prevent breakouts and ensure a clean connection of the planks during laying.

The cross-cut system from Fill solves this challenge:

A scanner detects the defects in the sawn timber and transmits the data to the cross-cut saw. At high speed, strands are configured from the crosscut sections for the glue laminate press according to defined criteria (e.g. butt joint distance to the edge) and then pressed. CYBERNETICS PRODUCE takes over the control of this intelligent process and ensures that there are no joints in the edge area of the parquet planks after the gluelam beams have been cut into center layer lamellas.

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