Generations Day 2024


Update for seniors & action for kids

Reunions and children's laughter can be heard in the corridors and production halls of Fill on Friday, July 5, 2024.

On the last day before the summer vacations, it has already become a tradition for Fill retirees to come to the company for the annual update and for employees' children to attend the end-of-school party.

Pensioners' regulars' table

The morning is all about the retired employees. There is great pleasure and interest in being able to catch up with their former employer, meet former work colleagues and be brought up to date. More than 30 senior citizens arrive punctually at 10:30 a.m. at the main entrance. They are guided through the company in three groups by the management. They learn first-hand exciting details about the latest developments, current projects and, of course, the status of the construction sites. After a short presentation in the Holodeck, all visitors are invited to lunch. The seniors chat about old times and exchange ideas about this and that, so that the entertaining hours at Fill once again pass far too quickly...

Hyper-cool end-of-school party

Our employees' children are at least as motivated as the senior citizens. The party starts at 1.30 pm sharp. They quickly slip into their new Filli Future shirts in hyper-orange creative print on ultraviolet cotton. In no time at all, 165 kids are bustling around the area in front of the new logistics center, where numerous exciting attractions await the young visitors. Everyone wants to be the first on the quadruple bungee trampoline and bounce up into the sky. The crate climbing is also high up, and requires enormous courage! The raft ride across the big pond is a little more chilled out.

Meanwhile, little girls are transformed into enchanting princesses or butterflies, while boys become cheeky foxes or superheroes. Filli Future comes around the corner and brings delicious ice cream for young and old. A quick souvenir photo with Filli, the superstar, then it's on to the mega bubbles, the goal shooting wall, the cornhole trophy, and, and, and. At the big group photo, everyone laughs and waves happily at the drone camera. So much action and adventure make you hungry. Luckily, the sausages have just been finished. Strengthened and with a thousand impressions in their heads, they head home after the meal - until the next visit to Filli Future in netruG!

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