For the love of mankind


The Fill team donated blood

Accidents, operations, births or the treatment of serious illnesses - the need for blood reserves is great. Fill employees helped to meet it and donated their blood at the 13th blood drive in the Future Dome.

On May 8, 2023, World Red Cross Day, the Blood Donor Service of the Red Cross Upper Austria came to Gurten with two teams to take their precious lifeblood from the more than one hundred people willing to donate.

Already at 11 a.m. the first blood flowed into the 450ml bags. By the end of the event at 4 p.m., a total of 94 units had been filled and were on their way to the blood donation center in Linz for examination and further processing.

This year was already the 13th blood donation campaign at Fill. So far, a total of 996 bags have been filled with valuable "Fill blood". Donating blood is an act of solidarity and saves lives.

Many thanks to all who have participated in this action!

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