Feels like Summer


Fill Generations Day: End-of-School Party & Retiree Regulars' Table

Vacations at last, end-of-school party at last! A new intergalactic adventure was not to be missed by 180 Fill employee children at the legendary end-of-school party 2023 on Friday, July 7. 

Starting at 1:30 p.m., things really got going at the square in front of the Future Zone. All kids between the ages of 4 and 12 were invited to celebrate the start of the summer vacations together with Filli Future. And the many Filli friends did not let themselves be told twice.

It was a mega party with great attractions for the kids: they could prove their sporting skills on the tricky obstacle course or bravely jump into the air on the bungee trampoline. Discovering the world of robots was an exciting experience. And who has ever walked across water without getting soaking wet? The very young ones were transformed into fabulous butterflies and wild tigers and could hardly part with the ultra-cool bouncing car of the Red Cross. The cool Filli tattoo was also in great demand at this party. Ten lucky people who found a voucher in their Filli snack box got to choose a brightly colored beach towel from the new Filli collection.

The highlight of the fun afternoon was a visit from Filli Future himself. He brought along delicious ice cream for young and old. With all the attractions and surprises, time flew by. When all the kids in their new Filli shirts in extraterrestrial fresh yellow-green were beaming with the sun at the big photo shoot at the end of the party, one thing was clear: this was the perfect start to the summer vacation!

Update for Fill seniors

Already in the morning, the perfect reunion with our Fill seniors took place. 35 former employees came to "their" company for the annual "Pensioners' Regulars' Table". As always, they were very interested in finding out firsthand what new things had happened since their last visit.

Together with the management, the visitors took a tour of production, where they took a look at the new machining center in the machining hall. They marveled at the welding robot and examined the construction progress of the Power Cube up close, before a brief update on the company followed in the holodeck. Back on the cutting edge of knowledge, the Fill seniors had plenty to talk about over lunch. It was nice that so many retired employees accepted the invitation to the retirees' regulars' table!

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