Do your best


The Fill team cracked the 1,100 mark.

Blood was donated at Fill on May 6, 2024 - for the 14th time in a row. This year, 119 employees literally gave their "best". In the end, 105 bags of valuable lifeblood were sent on their way to the blood donation center in Linz. Here, the canned blood, which is constantly cooled during transportation and storage, must be processed within 24 hours.

Since 2011, a total of 1,101 units of blood have been collected at 14 blood donation campaigns at Fill. "The employees of the blood donation service, some of whom have been supporting the campaigns at our company for many years, were very impressed how well this campaign goes every time," says Bettina Fill, who is delighted with the positive feedback and is happy to pass it on to the two organizers Hannah Stadelbauer and Eva-Maria Stranzinger.

Many thanks to all donors and those willing to donate! Out of love for people.

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