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From April 2023 the newly developed Fill service platform will provide our customers with all the relevant information on their machines and systems.

On the Fill service platform, customers will have easy and quick access to all the relevant information on their machines and systems. The personalized access is provided via an e-mail invitation and is easy to set up. Operation is simple and intuitive. The platform provides an overview of all the customer's Fill machines and systems. All service calls, documents and additional important information, such as the direct contact person at Fill, are available for each machine. The complete machine documentation and other important documents can also be seen.

Service requests or reports are recorded digitally, with the respective processing status visible in real time. In addition, all the communication relating to a service call is documented. This means that the complete service history of the respective machine is available. A QR code can also be used to identify a machine via mobile devices and to trigger the service call. With the service platform, Fill is offering a professional and efficient service tool that supports the continuous workflow and thus enhances productivity.

Discover Fill Service and you will find professionalism.


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