Fill your family – children's laughter at the machine engineering company


Fill Machine Engineering is committed to helping its employees harmonize work and family life. There are also many offerings for kids during the holiday periods.

"Planet Filli Future" with childcare for the little ones, the fascinating "Future Lab", a four-week holiday camp, and Peace & Friendship at the end-of-school party – Fill offers a diverse program of holiday fun for its employees' children and in the "Future Lab" talent laboratory, where all other local children are also welcome. "Particularly in rural areas, it is often very difficult to juggle work and family life without the help of grandparents or aunts and uncles. To provide families with the best possible support in this regard, we also offer a full program during the school holidays," explains Bettina Fill, Head of Internal Communication and Event Management at Fill. The company has won multiple awards for its family-friendly practices and takes innovative approaches in its personnel policy to strengthen the loyalty of its valued employees.

Gurten, August 10, 2022 – Children are always welcome at Fill. All year round and particularly during the school holidays.  As a family business, we consciously place emphasis on creating a family-friendly atmosphere and on helping our employees to combine work and children in the best way possible. Employees' children are offered a diverse program of holiday fun, while the parents get on with their work next door.

Planet Filli Future
The childcare facility for the youngest children extends over 210 square meters in Planet Filli Future. Right beside Fill's main entrance, the bright red rocket signals that there are extraterrestrial adventures to be experienced here. On the modern, child-friendly premises, dedicated educators create a place of joy and inspiration for employees' children aged one to three years all year round. This offering is very popular with parents, and it is already fully booked for the coming year.

Holiday camp and Future Lab
Be it summer, Easter, or half-term breaks – Fill's holiday daycare allows employees to harmonize work and family life during the school and kindergarten holidays. The facility offers a varied program with various development opportunities for the little ones. Alongside outdoor exercise, games, joint handicraft work, drawing, making music, and a whole lot of fun, the children spend unforgettable hours under the best educational guidance in the "Future Lab" talent laboratory, where they discover innovative technologies in an interactive way. The holiday camp at Fill opens for four weeks from mid-August. The "Future Lab" is also a prime destination for the popular holiday pass promotions. "In summer, our 'Future Lab' is visited by children from 14 of the region's municipalities, for whom our educators Maximilian, Raphael, and Sandra have composed a special holiday-pass program," says Bettina Fill, delighting in the number of young visitors.

"Peace & Friendship"
"Peace & Friendship" – that was the motto of this year's traditional Fill end-of-school party held on July 8th. Around 160 children attended the unmissable intergalactic event, taking advantage of the opportunity to meet our Filli Future mascot, the party's surprise guest. Mega-high jumps were completed on the bungee trampoline, and the young party guests were able to test their agility on the pallet parcours, paddle a raft over the romantic water lily pool, propel drones high into the sky, steer robots through a labyrinth, and a whole lot more. The colorful party marked a successful start to the holidays.

Corporate data
Fill is a leading international machine engineering company based in Gurten, Upper Austria. With sophisticated high-tech systems and custom manufacturing solutions for metal, plastics and wood, Fill makes its customers the best in their fields. The automotive, aviation, sports and building industries all benefit from Fill’s expertise. Since it was founded in 1966, the company has distinguished itself through enormous innovative strength, strong values and the best jobs. “If you are seeking the best solution, shape your future with Fill” is the guiding principle of the company’s more than 950 employees. “Wir sind 1! We are one!” is their vision and stands for togetherness not only with the team, but also with customers, suppliers and partners. The company is 100 percent family-owned and managed by Andreas Fill (CEO), Martin Reiter (CSO), Alois Wiesinger (CTO), and Günter Redhammer (COO). In 2021, Fill recorded sales of around 180 million euros.


Photo  1: Because there's nothing more important in life than peace and friendship, the young visitors at the end-of-school party assembled themselves into the shape of the peace symbol.

Photo 2: Numerous children took advantage of the opportunity to have their photo taken with Filli Future, the surprise guest at the end-of-school party.

Photo  3: Planet Filli Future – a place of joy and inspiration for employees' children aged one to three years.

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Fill end-of-school celebration

Fill end-of-school celebration

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Fill end-of-school celebration

Fill end-of-school celebration

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Planet Filli Future

Planet Filli Future

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