Fill Machine Engineering EMO 2023 | © Fill
"Time Machine" paves the way to a new era in machining technology

Fill Machine Engineering presented future-oriented metalworking solutions at the EMO international trade fair.

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Fill Machine Engineering 1,000 employees | © Fill
Leading Innviertel company breaks the 1,000 employee mark

26 new apprentices joined Fill Machine Engineering on September 4, 2023, taking the number of staff above the 1,000 mark. A milestone in the company history.

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Fill machining center SYNCROMILL C21-63/600 | © Fill
Digitalized part production for e-mobility

Highly precise and efficient casting machining with full traceability.

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Fill SPEEDLINER | © P. Kemptner
Multi-layer Woodworking

Highly efficient surface layer lamella production for solid wood boards

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Rethink Plastics Conference | © Fill
New perspectives in plastics technology

Under the motto “Rethink Plastics”, Fill and its partner, Parat, staged a trade conference in the Innviertel. Participants were able to take a breathtaking look into the future.

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