TechnKontakte Best Practice Seminar

October 2, 2024
Gurten / Austria

Future Zone & Future Lab: The vision of production and further education

The global megatrend of digitalization is influencing almost all areas of our lives. In its Future Zone high-tech center, Fill is driving digitalization, software and mechanical development and career guidance forward in a unique way. The Future Zone provides a glimpse into the future of machine production.

"Thanks to intelligent simulation models, we can take machines and systems to a whole new level. From production planning and material utilization to productivity and reliability, practically everything is optimized in the Future Zone," says seminar speaker Andreas Wimmer, outlining the visionary focus of the innovation center. Another highlight is the insight into the Future Lab, a modern knowledge and learning center for children, young people and adults in the fields of digitalization, research, innovation, natural sciences and technology.

Main topics
Production of the future, Future Lab, Simulation, Digitalization. Visionary production and training

Andreas Fill, CEO
Andreas Wimmer, Team Manager Software Development Automation


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