Long night of research

May 20, 2022
Fill Future Zone, Zukunftsstraße 2, 4942 Gurten


The spectacular FUTURE TUBE connects Fill's existing production halls with the FUTURE ZONE. Visitors to LNF22 enter the center for digitization, software and mechanical development in an impressive way via an 80-meter-long tube at a height of 8 meters. Immerse yourself in the virtual and real world of mechanical engineering and experience the spirit of innovation, progress and spacy architecture up close. Another highlight is the FUTURE LAB, a unique talent lab. 

What prospects do digitization and AI offer for new innovations and why is team spirit more important than ever?

Let's take a walk on the future side!

Experience an unforgettable savings walk into the future. You will enter the Holodeck, the coolest classroom in Europe, in an impressive way. The tour continues into the Research & Development area. Be excited to learn about Smart Factory, digitalization, robotics and cutting-edge research on machine tools. In production, you will learn how artificial intelligence combined with cloud computing is taking machine tool digitization to a new level. Experience first-hand what the optimized production machines of the future will look like.

Another highlight of the tour is a visit to the Future Lab, a think tank for generations. Look forward to being welcomed by our robots Alpha and Pepper and experience future technologies for yourself in a creative and inspiring environment.

At the end of the tour, exciting activities await you: test your fitness with the VR trainer ICAROS, compete with the world's best Formula 1 drivers at the racing simulator or beam yourself into another environment with the Green Screen. Fill your future.

We look forward to your visit on Friday, May 20, 2022 between 17:00 and 23:00 (registration is not required).

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