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If you have already pocketed your "AHS Matura" (higher school certificate from from an academic secondary school) and are looking to land a job in the technical field, then the "Duale Akademie" (dual academy) is just the thing for you!

The "Duale Akademie" is opening up a new range of training courses in the most modern professions in demand, which is specially geared to the target group of AHS high school graduates and the labour market of the future. The following areas are available at Fill:


  • Mechatronics (main module: production technology)
  • Application Development - Coding
  • Operational Logistics


You can expect a company trainee programme (full-time employment) with an attractive starting salary. The specialist theory is taught at the vocational school, supplemented by other training providers. You will acquire future skills at a social, digital and international level within the framework of the Fill Academy but also through other training providers and external partners.


The "Duale  Akademie" concludes with the new and official educational qualification of the OÖ. Wirtschaft DA Professional and lasts between 2 and 2.5 years, depending on the subject area.


You can find all the details here!



→ Direct, guaranteed career entry after your AHS Matura

→ Attractive starting salary in conjunction with high-quality, guaranteed training

→ Training in a very highly sought-after profession

→ Acquisition of specialist and future-oriented skills within the framework of the Duale Akademie

→ Exclusive offer for AHS graduates

→ Suitable qualification for further educational courses


The Duale Akademie starts in autumn (beginning of September).


Interested? Then apply now!

True to the motto: "Learning pays"