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The DESIGNERS are responsible for the mechanical functions of a machine and ensuring that they are designed in an optimum way. They use PCs and CAD programs for their work. APPRENTICESHIP DURATION 4 YEARS



  • Working according to drawings, designs, and models
  • Generating drawings for use by the workshop, taking into account standards and measurements
  • Designing machines and systems in detail with the help of state-of-the-art 3D CAD programs
  • Creating the bills of material needed for materials procurement
  • Project-oriented working on the basis of findings made by the project and quality management teams
  • Producing models and sketches
  • Performing specialist calculations
  • Applying the design methodology and mechanical engineering technologies, as well as finding solutions
  • Designing and producing machines, systems, or system components
  • Commissioning and optimizing the designed machines
  • Selecting the right materials in accordance with the specific requirements
  • Holding meetings with customers and suppliers