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Wood & Construction

Buildings were an attempt by people to conquer nature. Now they are the attempt to find their way back to it.

Naturalness, sustainability, and meaningfulness are three major issues in the construction industry. Wood appears to be the building material that can best satisfy these demands. At the same time, with its feel, smell, and warmth, wood allows us to make a positive connection with nature. A connection that should never be lost.


Technologies for wood processing

Trees regrow, thereby producing oxygen and absorbing CO2. This makes wood an incomparably valuable building material with a multitude of uses and processing options. We believe the further development of technologies that make this material useful in ever more ways to be an important contribution to the sustainable development of our society.

High tech for construction

Technologies for polyurethane processing

Compared to PVC, polyurethane has improved properties in terms of strength with simultaneous elasticity, insensitivity to kinking, abrasion resistance, temperature stability, low weight, and resistance to chemicals. That sounds like the future.

A perfect connection

Modular and innovative welding solutions

From individual welding cells with manual loading to highly automated systems with a large number of welding cells - Fill develops and produces customized solutions for welding applications. Successfully implemented projects range from welding towing lugs in bumpers to highly complex battery trays for e-mobility.

Using simulation programs and intelligent clamping concepts, we ensure that the high quality requirements for weld seams and components are met.

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Bionics – Following nature's example.

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