Discover your limits
and you will find power.



Giving everything is a question of attitude. And trust in one's sports equipment.

Athletes all around the world deliver astonishing performances on daily basis. Day after day, boundaries are pushed. We have been part of this process in the field of winter sports for many years now, and almost every ski and snowboard worldwide is produced with machines from Fill.


Combined forces

Composite technologies for the sports industry

Composites are the team players among materials. They combine favorable properties and cancel out weaknesses. Their processing is correspondingly complex and demands a high level of experience. Experience that makes Fill a world champion in this field.

98 % air – 100 % technology

Particle foam for the sports industry

Particle foam is an extremely light material based on EPS, EPP, and EPE. Its production was previously very energy-intensive, the material very unstable, and the consistency very low. Previously. A research consortium has now succeeded in manufacturing particle foam using a vapor-free "dry" process. Faster, more accurately, with better properties – and, above all, with much higher energy efficiency. One of the key players: Fill from Gurten.

In great shape

Kinematic moulding for the sports industry

Rotational moulding is a well-known process. But how can even more precise properties and material combinations be achieved with this technology in a single casting operation? By kinematic moulding.

Local tempering generates characteristic profiles systematically on the 3D contour of the component. Control of the wall thickness and an intelligent combination of thermoplastically combinable basic materials make this possible.