Discover distance and
you will find movement.



It was distance that made us fast.

Modern personal transport has made the world accessible – our horizons have expanded many times over. Now personal transport of the future is facing the challenge of reducing the effects of our compulsion to explore, so that our world remains astounding and worthy of exploration for coming generations as well.

Fill supplies decisive technologies in the field of casting technology, metal machining technology, profile technology, and plastics engineering. All along the automotive engineering production chain, these technologies make a substantial contribution to the realization of modern, sustainable vehicle concepts.

From a single source

Casting technology for the automotive industry

Many important components of a vehicle are castings. This applies not only to vehicles with combustion engines, but also to those with alternative drive concepts. Despite the changes to be expected in the automotive industry, castings will continue play a major role in the production of motor vehicles in future. Casting technologies from Fill will also be your companions in the next chapter of the story of locomotion.

Precision meets performance

Metal machining technology for the automotive industry

Strict environmental regulations repeatedly pose a challenge for the innovative ability of the automotive industry. Efficiency is called for in order to keep pace with all the requirements. And this efficiency demands ever tighter tolerances in the production of components. Fill is your competent partner in the development of innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Solutions with ease

Plastics technology for the automotive industry

Lightweight, cost-effective, and malleable into almost any shape – those advantages make plastic the material of choice for a wide variety of applications in automotive engineering.

With its Plastics Competence Center, Fill is the ideal development partner for production systems in the automotive industry. 

We keep in shape

Profile technology for the automotive industry

Structure and strength in modern vehicle bodies is the result of intelligently designed profiles. Over the years, we have managed to implement a large number of projects in this field at Fill.

We have now combined the resultant technologies, experiences, and innovations in the Profile Technology Competence Center.

Specialists in the exceptional

Special machines for the automotive industry

The solution of specific problems with technology has been Fill's core area of expertise since the company was founded. Special machines made in Gurten are employed in many industries.