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Flying has made the world smaller, while expanding our horizons.

Taking us swiftly to another metropolis, over the Atlantic, or even far into space to distant planets. Flying has changed our way of thinking. Many places were inaccessible in the past. Now we only ask ourselves how quickly can we get there

In the space of just one century, aviation has developed so rapidly – from the pioneers' multiple bone fractures to private space travel. No industry demands more innovation and newer technology, while the pace of development resembles the unstoppable flight of a rocket. And Fill is on board.

Quite light

Aluminum processing for the aerospace industry.

Aluminum has always been one of the most important materials in aircraft construction. It is light, but also very stable. Machining of the components requires highest levels of precision, because fault tolerance simply does not exist in this industry. Those who want to play it safe have Fill on board too.

Multi-layer solutions

Composite processing for the aerospace industry

Composites are indispensable in aviation. The combination of different material properties allows design engineers to constantly push the limits. Precise processes and verifiable product properties enable progress without compromising safety.