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The ALU PRECISER is the result of a collaboration between Fill and Briganto. Briganto supplied the panel saw know-how, while the machine engineering expertise came from Fill. In this combination, we succeeded in setting a new standard for panel saws. The ALU PRECISER operates extremely precisely and also scores highly in terms of stability and productivity. In the fully-automatic cutting sequence, the panels are fixed in clamps, pulled over the easily exchangeable, air-blown table surface, and transported to the cutting position. The synchronous drive with absolute measuring system on both sides guarantees maximum precision, so that, once they have been sawn, the parts need no further scrape-cutting. The panel is held in place by pneumatic pins, which also compensate for differences in panel thickness and evenness. The innovative safety concept

has allowed wear-intensive vertical blinds to be dispensed with. With up to 80 kW of power at the saw unit, the ALU PRECISER guarantees the highest productivity levels.