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Factory of the Future


In recent months, Fill has supplied various newly developed machine systems to international institutions. These are used to develop products for the AUTOMOTIVE and AVIATION INDUSTRIES and to test new materials. The processes are primarily for producing fiber-reinforced components (composites). The focus is on ensuring that the new materials are lightweight and robust.


  • At the renowned SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY in MELBOURNE, Australia, a complete composites laboratory specializing in process digitalization has been established.


  • In the heart of America´s automotive industry, Detroit (Michigan), Fill is installing the MULTILAYER high-performance laying system for thermoplastic tapes on behalf of the renowned IACMI (Institute for Advanced Composite Manufacturing Innovation).


  • Applications for additive manufacturing are an important focus in Fill´s development work. A robot-based 3D printing system is currently being built at a GERMAN PLASTICS INSTITUTE. Here, too, fibers are used for component reinforcement. Besides ´adding´ materials, the system also performs a ´subtraction´ through an integrated milling process.


  • The latest project is being carried out in collaboration with a PLASTICS INSTITUTE in STUTTGART, Germany. It involves using new types of NDT robots to carry out the testing on air cushions – a completely new method of non-destructive testing for components.


All of these collaboration projects are aimed at developing new products and materials. Knowledge transfer worldwide makes Fill even more innovative and consolidates the company´s position as a global technology leader.