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Millions lie dormant in employees´ minds. Effective ideas management ensures that their ideas are nurtured and implemented. This increases the company´s competitiveness. Products, procedures, and processes are optimized. Both the company and the employees benefit from this. With its new module, CORE idea, CORE smartwork provides the optimum platform for portraying a company´s ideas management and innovation processes. Individual implementation steps can be defined depending on the idea (suggestion for improvement, product idea, innovation idea). The employee can view and obtain feedback as to the current status of his/her idea at all times. The departments responsible for evaluation and implementation can also always find a clear overview of all the information. CORE idea allows processes to be systemized, standardized, and made understandable for everyone. Employees are invited to contribute their ideas and make their company even better. Since the commencement of ideas management at Fill in autumn 2008, more than 1,900 ideas - equivalent to 1.3 ideas per workday - have been received. With contributions from 300 different employees, this is a sign of an active culture of innovation. CORE idea is a new module of CORE smartwork and available on the market since July 2014.

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