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The Felix Familia is an award that the state of Upper Austria has presented for particularly family-friendly personnel policies since 2003. The award winners are selected from one of three categories that change every year. This year companies in Upper Austria were invited to compete.


And the jury was thoroughly impressed by "Planet Filli Future", the children´s paradise at Fill. The harmonization of work and family lives is very important to us, and we seek to accommodate the needs of "our" families. However, many other creative and interesting projects – such as Fill your Family, FillCard and Fill your Life – are also aimed at making employees feel at home in our company. The jury was particularly impressed by the sustainability and consistency with which the individual projects at Fill are continuously refined and implemented. Our conclusion: The delight at taking first place is tremendous. The award is proof that our endeavors to arrange family-friendly activities are much appreciated and not taken for granted.


This awesome award was presented by Provincial Minister Manfred Haimbuchner in the Linz Promenadenhof on 9 March 2018 at a ceremony attended by the Economic Chamber President, Doris Hummer, and the Industry Federation President, Axel Greiner. The prize for best Upper Austrian family business highlights the company´s particular commitment to families.


The valuable bronze Felix Familia statue is a work of art by Upper Austrian sculptor Klaus Leidl, which will look very good next to the statue that we won in 2011. The 3,000-euro prize money will be used for the benefit of the Filli Future Foundation.


This prestigious award from the province of Upper Austria qualifies the winner for participation in the state prize, "Unternehmen für Familien 2018" (Companies for Families 2018). The application papers have already been submitted, and we eagerly await an answer to the question: "Who is the best in Austria?" The results are expected to be announced in mid-June.