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Our composite experts will present the efficient production of thermoplastic tailored blanks from October 05 to 09, 2020 (one week before Fakuma) to you.

Please arrange an individual appointment with Elisabeth Dötzlhofer-Fery or a virtual MS Teams appointment (Tel: +43 7757 7010-7591,

The MULTILAYER enables very fast compilation of semi-finished fiber composites, thereby meeting the prerequisite for high component production rates. The machine with its compact footprint of 6,500 x 3,500 mm is both the starting point and the heart of the modern process chain for automated production of fiber composites. In conjunction with a preconsolidation unit, the multilayer can be seamlessly integrated into a forming and injection molding process.


  • Very high drop rate
  • Small gap between layed tapes
  • Low cutting waste enables maximum utilization of the material
  • Exact laying of cuttings by uniaxial material webs
  • Fully automated spool changing
  • Simple integration into the overall process chain
  • User-friendly software generates component design from 2D model

The multilayer lays up both impregnated and dry fiber strips through aligned laying heads to form a layer. Thermal bonding between the individual layers is effected by ultrasonic joining units analogous to the layup process. Further technical benefits are derived on the one hand from the freely selectable load-oriented fiber laying direction in the plane and the layup speed that is independent of the component size. The system is rounded out by an automatic spool changing system that can be loaded with a maximum of 8 spools and serves each laying head when it has no material.