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Yoo-hoo!! Here I am!


My name is FILLI FUTURE. I’m a super-cool robot from the planet netruG, and I face new adventures every day. I landed on earth in mid-2012 (according to your calendar), and now live with some other robots at Fillstrasse 1 in a little village called Gurten.



I know every dialect and programming language that exists on your planet. Right now, I´m learning KUKA-janese and AB-Bese. I can lift the heaviest things with my super elasto-telescopic arms. Not even a full-grown African elephant is a problem for me. And I’m as fast as a jaguar on my super-turbo magneto-legs.

No matter how dark it is - I can see absolutely everything with my eagle-sharp, laser eyes.

Pssst. And even when you think a room is as quiet as a mouse – thanks to the antenn(ears) on my head, I can even hear chocolate melt. The only thing I can’t do is smell things. But sometimes that´s a good thing.


I’m especially proud of my cool, black and gray robo-running suit. It may not look very spectacular – but look out! If I need to, I can instantly change colors and adapt myself to any environment, like a chameleon. I love the sun. When it shines on my solar-powered body, I fill up with strength and energy. Yoo-hoo!! But I don’t like 10 days of rain one bit. That can make me a little grumpy. Fighting and lying? That’s not right at all! That makes me really sad.


I hate to say it, but I am very, totally, extremely curious and incredibly, unbelievably impatient. I always want to know absolutely everything. (Especially at Christmas, Easter and on my birthday). I think parties are super-fun. Overall I can say – I´m almost always in a good mood. "Brain" – my red cube – is laughing now. But he can look really dangerous when I meet up with a bad guy.


Oh, maybe you’re wondering who Brain is? Brain is my super-solution cube. No matter how big the problem or how dangerous a situation is – thanks to my super-solution cube, I can always come up with the best idea.


I like Brain.  I like all nice people – and I especially like YOU.

I look forward to our many adventures together!



Your friend, FILLI FUTURE