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In line with our mission “Those seeking the best solution, plan their future together with Fill,” it is the company’s policy to supply our customers with high quality products that meet customer requirements in full. Consequently, all company employees commit themselves to comprehensive product and service quality, because those who promise the best, must also provide it.

To this end, we operate an integrated management system that encompasses all aspects of quality, health and safety, and environmental protection. In our conduct, we comply with the following basic principles:



The high quality of our products and services is ensured through continuous process improvement, employee training, and collaboration with our customers, suppliers, research institutions, and other partners. Success factors, including the creativity of our solutions, adherence to deadlines, and attention to detail, play a central role here. Other quality parameters are as individual as our solutions and are agreed upon jointly with the customers.


Environment and energy
In our areas of activity, we take care to be environmentally conscious, prevent pollution, actively pursue environmental protection, and produce efficient products. The overriding goals include minimizing resource use, reducing emissions, as well as protecting ground, water, and air. Compliance with legal and official regulations and requirements is a matter of course for us.


Health and safety

With the minimization of risks and prevention of injuries and illnesses, we provide actively for the well-being of our employees. This includes offering particular support for a preventative, health-oriented lifestyle. Highest safety orientation and awareness in dealing with the environment complete our commitment to social responsibility for people, nature, and society.


Responsibly-minded employees
On principle, our employees are responsible for the quality of their own work and obligated to comply with environmental protection measures. To ensure this, we train our employees in such a way that they are able to assume responsibility individually in the context of our policy. Qualifications and motivation play a vital role here, which is why we pay particular attention to information, trust, training, and the role model function of management.

Continuous improvement
We regard it as our responsibility to develop, refine, and improve products, technologies, and processes continuously with a view to quality, environmental, and safety aspects to the extent that this is consistent with the requirements of our customers.