Discover your values and you will find your way

Fill your Future

We want to shape the future – positively, jointly, and sustainably – wherever we can: in our region, with our employees, through the projects with our customers.

We build on trust, fairness, security, innovation, consequence, reliability, responsibility, openness, competence, and unity. Because, if you are seeking the best solution, shape your future with Fill.

We are one!

We look forward to tomorrow

Our requirement for technology doesn't stop with "new". For us, "New" also has to be "better".

Technologies give us endless opportunities to represent every process and every need. But it is purpose that determines whether a solution will benefit humanity.
The enthusiasm and pragmatism of the design engineers at Fill ensure the "human touch" of our products – day in and day out. This is perhaps one of the reasons why machines from Fill are so popular in every country and cultural region of the world.

Future from freedom

Innovation is the result of free thinking. We try to grant the people we work with as much freedom as possible. Freedom that they need to think their way into the projects of our customers. To ensure that we all work towards the same future, we have formulated several very strong principles to point us in the right direction.

Facts & Figures

1,000 employees

210 million euros recorded sales (2023)

100 % of the company is family-owned

130.000 m² operating area

Quality is the way

The high quality of our products and services is ensured through continuous process improvement, employee training, and collaboration with our customers, suppliers, research institutions, and other partners. Success factors, including the creativity of our solutions, adherence to deadlines, and attention to detail, play a central role here. Other quality parameters are as individual as our solutions and are agreed upon jointly with the customers.


Certificate Quality Management ISO 9001

How will things be tomorrow?

In our areas of activity, we take care to be environmentally conscious, prevent pollution, actively pursue environmental protection, and develop efficient products. The overriding goals include minimizing resource use, reducing emissions, as well as protecting ground, water, and air. Compliance with legal and official regulations and requirements is a matter of course for us.

We currently obtain around 40 percent of our electricity requirements from the photovoltaic system covering a total of 7,200 square meters on the buildings and halls on the company site. Our major goal is to be 100 percent energy-independent after completion of the multifunctional Power Cube parking garage in 2025.


Certificate Environmental Management ISO 14001

You count

By minimizing risks and preventing injuries and illnesses, we provide actively for the well-being of our employees. This includes offering particular support for a preventative, health-oriented lifestyle. The highest safety orientation and awareness in dealing with the environment complete our commitment to social responsibility for people, nature, and society.

Certificate Working Safety Management ISO 45001

We trust you

On principle, our employees are responsible for the quality of their own work and encouraged to comply with environmental protection measures. To ensure this, we train our employees in such a way that they are able to assume responsibility individually in the context of our policy. Qualifications and motivation play a vital role here, which is why we pay particular attention to information, trust, training, and the role model function of management.

We embrace change

We regard it as our responsibility to develop, refine, and improve products, technologies, and processes continuously with a view to quality, environmental, and safety aspects.

We give hope for the future

With the Filli Future Foundation, we actively support social projects all over the world. Most of these are private initiatives managed by dedicated people in the environs of Fill. This ensures that 100% of the aid is used to help those affected.

And the winner is ..

In recent years we have received numerous awards:

  • ABB Award
  • Austria's Best Managed Companies (2 x)
  • Best Business Award
  • Best Recruiters (2 x)
  • Clusterland Award
  • Corona Award (3 x)
  • Family Oscar (2 x)
  • Focus Open
  • Felix Familia
  • Golden Badge of Austrian FFG
  • Certification company health care
  • Henri (2 x)
  • HRbert
  • Ideas Competition of the Metal Industry
  • ineo
  • Upper Austrian Innovation Award
  • Nemak Award Supplier of the Year
  • Upper Austrian Health Award (2 x)
  • Pegasus (4 x)
  • Pacesetter Economy Award
  • Regionality Award Upper Austria
  • Special Performance Award FACC
  • State-awarded apprenticeship company
  • State Award Best Apprenticeship Company
  • State Award Family & Career
  • Trigos (2 x)


Look for perspectives & you will find improvement.

Nobody is perfect, but you can always improve. So if you find potential for improvement in our products, our people, our processes and our partners, let us know. Don't hesitate to share your positive experiences with us as well.