Filli Future

The Filli Future robot mascot is not only omnipresent in our children's area, he is also the figurehead of our "Filli Future Foundation" charity.
We support exciting and remarkable activities of people from the company environment, who improve the lives of many people with their commitment and their projects.

Planet Filli Future -
a world of laughter

Those who encourage, embolden, push, and inspire children are investing in a better future.

The harmonization of work and family life makes Fill a highly regarded employer internationally, and our "Planet Filli Future" children's paradise plays an important role in this.

Parents who work at Fill know that their children are not only well cared for, but also thoroughly entertained and encouraged. In our modern, generously sized, and child-friendly premises, the dedicated educators from "Tagesmütter Innviertel" (Innviertel Association of Childminders) create an area of joy and inspiration for children aged one and over.  

We have two different childcare offerings:
The playgroup for toddlers up to 3 years of age and the childcare for children aged 1 to 12 in the kindergarten and school holidays.

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Further information:
Planet Filli Future
Tel.: +43 664 88142044

Filli Future Foundation

The next generation will change the world – just like every generation before it. With our help, they will make a better job of it than we have.

The Filli Future Foundation actively supports social projects all over the world. Most of these are private initiatives managed by dedicated people in the environs of Fill. This ensures that 100% of the aid is used to help those affected.

Fill believes in the future

Kids love our smart, cuddly Filli Future robot.
And his heart goes out to them. Wherever children need help, he is never far away. With our social engagement, Fill seeks to give people a future. Everyone can support these initiatives.

You can help, too:

Filli Future Foundation account
IBAN: AT89 3445 0000 0225 1957 BIC: RZOOAT2L450

Filli on tour

Our little Filli Future robot is very well traveled and has also appeared in several films.
Here you can see some of his travels and artistic work.