Your apprenticeship at Fill. 

If you want to hit the ground running, you'll benefit from a solid foundation.

With more than 80 apprentices, Fill is one of the largest training enterprises in the region. Up to 30 young people every year decide to start on their road to the future at Fill. This decision opens up a diverse career path full of opportunities, because today's apprentices develop into tomorrow's technical specialists and managers.

We learn for the future,
not for school

We want to give you the opportunity to develop the technologies of the future – so we offer you a state-of-the-art apprenticeship. As an apprentice, you'll receive comprehensive training in various areas of production and you'll be integrated into the company’s processes right from the start. Your apprenticeship is rounded off with additional courses in the areas of social skills and character development.

Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to acquire the "Berufsreifeprüfung" qualification and consequently the title of "engineer" after six years' work experience. This qualification also opens the way to a specialist technical college or university.

Your talents will find a wide variety of development and deployment opportunities with us. We offer numerous interesting fields in which you can develop your skills and enjoy a successful future with us. FILL YOUR FUTURE.

Is this your future? 

Not all technology is the same. You can work out which apprenticeship is the right one for you at our Fill taster days. You can discover the different divisions of our company. You can even get involved in small projects and find out where your future lies. To recharge your batteries for the second half of the day, we invite you to join us for lunch in the Fill restaurant.

Send us your documents, if you are interested in having a taster day at Fill.


Application Developer – coding

Modern machines are often controlled using on-screen applications. With their applications, application developers ensure that humans and machines always understand each other perfectly – regardless of the control unit.

Apprenticeship duration: 4 years 
Vocational college: Linz 2
Your duties
  • Creating applications that communicate with various machines
  • Planning and preparing web-based mobile and desktop applications 
  • Implementing user interfaces for applications 
  • Developing access to a database with suitable query languages 
  • Data analysis 
  • Applying suitable test methods


Operating Logistics Agent

Operating logistics agents ensure that the thousands of components of a machine are available at the right time and brought to the location where they will be assembled.

Apprenticeship duration: 3 years 
Vocational college: Ried
Your duties
  • Receipt and control of goods 
  • Storage, transfer and retrieval of goods 
  • Monitoring and management of stock 
  • Provision and dispatch of goods 
  • Goods receipt postings and material provisioning 
  • Order picking of current projects
  • Handling of tool provision and issue


Electrical Engineer in Systems and Operating Technology 

Electrical engineers in systems and operating technology always have a good overview, because they are responsible for the correct wiring of the entire machine and configuring the control cabinets.

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years 
Vocational college: Gmunden
Your duties 
  • Building and wiring control cabinets, control panels, and terminal boxes
  • Installation of the machines
  • Laying of the control cables
  • Labeling of the electrical devices
  • Testing of the hardware
  • Installation and operation of the robots
  • Assembling and commissioning systems on the customer’s premises
  • Troubleshooting of machines and equipment


Electrician in Building Services

As an electrician in building services, you are responsible for implementing new in-house projects and maintaining our electrical infrastructure

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years
Vocational college: Gmunden
Your duties
  • Maintaining technical installations and devices 
  • Repairing and servicing small machines (resetting cables, replacing and cleaning carbon brushes) 
  • Performing building management (organizing work on the building and outdoor installations) in collaboration with the caretakers 
  • Event preparation and post-event tasks (technical equipment, etc.)
  • Implementing operational installation and service work
  • Troubleshooting, fault elimination, servicing, and repairing the emergency lighting, UPS, and fire alarm systems


Electrical Technician in Software Engineering

As an electrical technician in software engineering, you are responsible for the smooth interaction of electrical hardware and programming the software for the machines and systems we produce.

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years 
Vocational college: Gmunden
Your duties
  • Building and wiring control cabinets, control panels, and terminal boxes
  • Electrical installation of machines and industrial robots
  • Programming PLC controllers, including safety equipment
  • Creating visualizations for machine operation
  • Configuring, programming, and commissioning of drive units and industrial robots
  • Assembling and commissioning systems on the customer’s premises 


Information Technology - Systems Engineering

Systems technicians in the field of information technology create applications for IT systems and are responsible for the administration and support of all IT equipment used in the company.

Apprenticeship duration: 4 years
Vocational college: Linz 2
Your tasks
  • Creation of applications for our IT systems, primarily for ERP, CAD and document management
  • Administration and support of all IT devices used in the company
  • Installation of standard and special software
  • Service-oriented processing of customer inquiries
  • Information and support for technical problems in the departments


Design Engineer

Design engineers develop the mechanical function of a machine, produce design sketches, know the properties of the widest variety of materials, and hold planning meetings with customers.

Apprenticeship duration: 4 years 
Vocational college: Linz 3
Your duties
  • Design (layout, draft, assembly, detail) with 3D CAD
  • Correct dimensioning and design
  • Testing of machines and assemblies for functionality
  • Clarification of feasibility, manufacturing possibility, and functionality with work preparation and/or manufacturing 
  • Implementation of design changes in consultation with project management, product management and design team management
  • Clarification with electrical engineering
  • Detailed preparation of plans for drawing preparation and related information 
  • Preparation of parts lists
  • Preparation of data for technical editing (customer-specific spare and wear parts lists)


Mechatronics Engineer in Production Technology

Modern machines are a combination of sophisticated mechanics and intelligent electronic control systems. Mechatronics engineers bridge these two worlds, creating the technologies of the future.

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years
Vocational college: Linz 5
Your duties 
  • Responsible for ensuring interaction between mechanics, electronics, and IT
  • Assembly and wiring of control cabinets, control panels and terminal boxes 
  • Assembly and installation of mechanical components with electrical and electronic elements
  • Installation of media technology (hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication)
  • Assembling and commissioning complex machines and systems on the customer’s premises
  • Performing maintenance, servicing, and troubleshooting on machines and systems


Metalworking Technician in Machine Engineering

Metalworking technicians in machine engineering produce the individual components of a machine. Their work involves screwing things together, welding, drilling, and cutting. Mechanical engineers then assemble the machine from the finished components.

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years
Vocational college: Attnang
Your duties
  • Production of machine components
  • Assembling and installing machines and systems 
  • Installing media technology (hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication) 
  • Assembling and commissioning machines and systems on the customer’s premises 
  • Training operators

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Metalworking Technician in Machining

Machining technicians mill and turn important machine parts on the CNC machines. This requires the highest levels of precision.

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years
Vocational college: Attnang
Your duties
  • Assembling and measuring the machining tools (= tool presetting)
  • Clamping the workpieces
  • Creation and optimization of machining programs on 3- and 5-axis CNC machine tools
  • Producing machine components on computer-assisted CNC machine tools (turning, milling, grinding)
  • Willingness to work in 2-shift operation



Process Technician

Process technicians ensure smooth processes in production because they are very familiar with how the machines work. Their goal is to optimize the manufacturing process and ensure the quality of our products.

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years
Vocational college: Attnang
Your duties
  • Creation of processing programs for our plants
  • Assembly of clamping devices
  • Commissioning of the created programs
  • Process optimization and quality assurance
  • Carrying out tests on the machining systems
  • Application planning of tools and fixtures on production machines and production lines


Technical Drafter

Technical drafters produce engineering drawings suitable for the workshop, which document precisely where and how which parts are installed in a machine.

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years 
Vocational college: Linz 3
Your duties
  • Creation of detailed and standardized technical drawings (2D) based on designs (3D) for production
  • Completion of given constructions (structure, parts tree)
  • Dimensioning of the constructions
  • Clarification of feasibility and production possibility with the work preparation and production departments
  • Implementation of drawing changes in consultation with the design department


The fast track to technology

Your "AHS Matura" higher school certificate is the direct path to a technical profession. You can expect a shortened apprenticeship within the framework of an occupational training program in full-time employment with an attractive starting salary. You learn the relevant theory at vocational college. Furthermore, you will acquire future-oriented skills on a social, digital, and international level within the framework of the Fill Academy, again with the support of other educational providers and external partners.

The "Duale Studies" (Duale Akademie) are available in the following apprenticeship programs:
  • Application development – coding
  • Information Technology - Systems Engineering
  • Mechatronics for production technology
  • Metal technology for machine engineering
Your benefits with the Duale Akademie:
  • Direct, guaranteed career entry after your AHS Matura
  • Attractive starting salary in conjunction with high-quality, guaranteed training
  • Training in a very highly sought-after profession
  • Acquisition of specialist and future-oriented skills within the framework of the Duale Akademie
  • Exclusive offer for AHS graduates
  • Suitable qualification for further educational courses
  • Graduation after 2.5 or 3 years with the official title of "DA Professional"

Countryside & Technology

Would you like to learn a second profession, in addition to that of a skilled agricultural worker? Thanks to the well-rounded training provided at an agricultural college (such as LFS Otterbach, Burgkirchen), we can offer the opportunity to learn the profession of "Metalworking Technician in Machine Engineering" over a shorter period.

In the third year of your college course, you will have already attended the first year's classes of vocational college, so you can start our apprenticeship in the second year – with the first year credited.

This is the future!

  • Top current iPhone for private use from the 1st day of work
  • Performance bonus for your dedication up to 400 euros per year of apprenticeship or a festival ticket (including one extra day of annual leave and 200 euros festival spending money 
  • Payment of accommodation expenses
  • Upper Austrian Transport Association (OÖVV) youth network ticket (free use of public transport throughout Upper Austria)
  • Free extra tuition if required
  • Preparatory courses for the final apprenticeship exam
  • Crowning conclusion with the "Walk of Fill" event
  • "Lehre mit Matura" (apprenticeship with higher school certificate) 
  • Flextime after basic training
  • Vocational training opportunities in the Fill Academy
  • Technical training courses are offered in-house and externally (e.g., robotics training, welding courses, pneumatics and hydraulics, etc.)
  • The area of personal skills training comprises numerous courses in each apprenticeship year (e.g., external team building seminars, courses in cooperation with the Upper Austrian Red Cross)
  • Commercial skills training within the framework of a two-day planning game in collaboration with an external partner
  • The skills of tomorrow are taught in the Future Lab. Here you'll acquire comprehensive knowledge in the field of digitalization
  • Ergonomic and modern workplaces
  • Work clothing, including cleaning service
  • Subsidized lunch in the Fill employee restaurant
  • Communication islands with WiFi, beverage and snack vending machines, and free "worker drink"
  • FILLinForm! and you? (fitness studio in the company building, cooperation with trainers and physiotherapists, 1x yoga and 1x fitness training per week)
  • Company celebrations (Advent party, summer party, etc.)
  • Trade fair attendance, presentation of apprenticeships, e.g., at career orientation days
  • CORE as an internal communication and organization tool
  • profill – the employee newsletter
  • FILL IDEA – operational ideas management
  • FillCard – cashless payment within our company plus numerous discounts at regional partner companies

6 Steps to an apprenticeship

Use our online application and upload all your application documents (cover letter, resumé with photo, school report). Apply as soon as possible. You can expect our response within two weeks.

Taster day
Link to taster day for apprenticeship At the taster day, you'll gain insights into the various activities and get to know Fill as a company. During your stay, you'll take a PC-based talent check (general knowledge test).

We'll invite you and one of your parents to attend an interview. Together, we'll discuss your experiences from the taster day and the results of your talent check. This is your opportunity to convince us once again that you are the right choice for an an apprenticeship position.

Admission decision
We'll agree a date for a feedback meeting at your interview. By then, you will have received an offer or a rejection for the apprenticeship program by email.

Welcome Day
You did it! You've landed a place on an apprenticeship at Fill. In the first week of July, we invite you and your parents to attend a Welcome Day. Here, we'll give you all the information you need about the apprenticeship, your apprenticeship contract, and your work clothing. The event is rounded off with a guided tour of the company. At the Welcome Day, you and your parents will meet all the relevant contact persons and get to see your future training workplace. Furthermore, you'll have your first chance to network with the other apprentices.

Start of apprenticeship - The apprenticeship starts on September 1 (for some apprenticeships also additionally on March 1).

Apprenticeship Training Team

Philipp Heißbauer
Team Manager Apprentice Training (center)

Karl Leiner
Apprentice Trainer Mechanics (2nd from left)

René Reichinger
Apprentice Trainer Technology (left)

Stefan Stockhammer
Apprentice Trainer Software (2nd from right)

Wilfried Wiesbauer
Apprentice Trainer Electrics (right)

Human Resource Management

Kathrin Schrems


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