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Knowledge for a better future.

In the area of vocational training, we attach great importance to collaboration with educational establishments in the region. Every year, around 2,500 students gain an insight into our high-tech company. At the same time, they learn about the diverse career opportunities at FILL.


Technology with Filli Future

Getting kids enthusiastic about technology.

We invite children from the local elementary schools to attend an exciting technology morning with Filli Future during the last week of school. Dressed in cool Filli Future shirts, the kids start with a brief company presentation in the in-house movie theater. After we have called Filli Future loudly together, he joins the children and spends the morning with them.

Working in small groups, the elementary school pupils learn about technology in the following exercises:

Assembling the Filli Future clock
The kids assemble the construction kit for the Filli Future clock. They can, of course, keep the completed clocks and present them proudly to their families.

Bolting machine
"On your marks, get set, go!" So the bolting race begins and the winners are rewarded with sweets.

Gordian knot
The Gordian knot involves lots of laughter, as well as building the children's capacity for teamwork in a playful way.

In addition to the Filli Future shirt and Filli Future clock, the pupils are also given a ruler and the teachers a Filli Future book to take home with them.

Career orientation days

Every year in fall, career orientation days are offered in-house at Fill for students in the 3rd and 4th classes of secondary and polytechnic schools. They involve the students spending a half day at the company and learning about the various apprenticeship programs at different stations.

Our apprentices are also there to answer any questions. On a short tour of the company, the young visitors gain a first-hand impression of the everyday working world at Fill.

Girls Day

Every year in April, girls from local schools have the opportunity to learn about the apprenticeship programs at Fill. Our apprentice trainers accompany the schoolgirls all day, together with apprentices. Not only do they explain the different apprenticeships, but also which machines Fill manufactures – from design engineering through to the finished system. 

Naturally, the girls are also allowed to try their hand and check out the various apprenticeship programs. The end product is a cylinder that the girls can take home with them. They are accompanied by our guys and gals currently in apprentice training.

Application training at schools

"The first time is always the hardest."
Based loosely on this motto, we offer students in all grades the opportunity to take part in application training. This also involves showing them how to find job ads and put together application documents. Things then get really exciting at the simulated job interview.

They may be nervous to begin with, but the students soon find their feet and are rightly proud of their performance. Once they have the first job interview behind them, they suffer significantly less shyness before the next interviews.

HTL Engineering Days

An exciting insight into our machine engineering company awaits the students. A challenging and diverse program is guaranteed on this day. Naturally, the young people may also get involved themselves to gain the best possible understanding of the jobs and career opportunities in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, and IT. The newly gained impressions are discussed in a final session attended by everyone. In the meantime, they can enjoy some of the provided refreshments. The HTL Engineering Days are held every November and December on specified dates.

Practical workshops

At other workshops, such as "cost-effective design", "application training", or "international business", we share lots of important information with the students and they can learn through practice.

Welcome to Fill

We invite people of any age to take part in an exciting tour of Fill. Following a company presentation, visitors get to explore the Fill site together and gain first-hand insights into the working world. We would also be pleased to come to your school to give a company presentation.

Discover your Genius

Discover your Genius in the Fill Future Lab.

With curiosity, the kids discover their interests and talents and learn about new professions. Covering 140 square meters, the transgenerational "Future Lab" think tank offers very special educational opportunities. Equipped with 3D printer, green screen, all sorts of robots and programming platforms, the lab provides a creative and inspiring environment where the visitors can experience future technologies.

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