Fill as an employer

Technology is made by humans for humanity.

Fill is globally successful. We believe that's due to the strong connection we have with our team, the region, our partners, and our customers. These relationships are very important to us, because they are the basis for our future.



We are One - This is not only a claim to the leading position on the international market. It is also our vision for dealing with people.

We live by the principles of tolerance and friendship across all borders – from apprentices up to the executive board. And we invite people with a passion for technology to invigorate this vision with us.


Scope of activities


  • Project management 
  • Design engineering
  • Technical documentation
  • Standardization
  • Fluid technology
  • Machine safety
  • Research & development

"I can express myself creatively in my job. Mostly, I develop fixtures destined for a machine, and the tasks involved are often very intricate. Every design is different, so my work is never lacking in variety. I find it particularly thrilling when I think about something new, then design it and can see it subsequently installed in a machine. In Design Engineering, we find solutions jointly and stick together as a team – that's one of the things I like most about my job."
//Eva-Maria Augustin, Design Engineering

"The diverse tasks and projects and the contact with people are what I enjoy most about my job. It is always fascinating to be involved from the initial idea to the finished system, and to be able to play an active role in shaping a project. The internal collaboration and team spirit with my colleagues and managers are always great, even when the tasks are very challenging."
//Robert Steinmann, Project Management

Electrical Engineering

  • E-project management
  • Electrical design engineering
  • Software engineering – automation
  • Software engineering – robotics
  • Software engineering – .NET
  • Electrical systems engineering – control cabinet construction
  • Electrical systems engineering – installation & assembly

"As a software engineer in the field of automation, I program the software for our machines' controllers. The wide range of automated applications at Fill ensures great variety in my job. In the project team, we work together to develop various machines and their processes – that makes for an exciting and varied experience each day. Fill's customers are located on every continent of the world. Travel to different countries regularly offers a fascinating contrast to the normal daily work routine. However, the greatest sense of achievement comes from being able to bring a system to life at the end of the day."
//Thomas Grasl, Expert Automation Technology

"The great thing about my job is having contact with all departments and their staff. I particularly enjoy working with other members of the software team to overcome new challenges in the best way possible. The software in high-tech machines is usually very complex. And I attempt to coordinate the various aspects of the development process in an optimum way. This extends from control concepts, safety technology, and drive kinematics through to SCADA systems and cloud services. As a software project manager, I'm involved in my projects from the outset. I really enjoy contributing to the development of a system."
//Michael Lang, Software Project Management

Production & Logistics

  • Machine engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Assembly
  • Service technology
  • Measurement technology
  • Machining technology
  • Welding
  • Coating
  • NC programming
  • NC commissioning engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Production planning
  • Warehouse
  • Infrastructure

Business Management

  • Financial accounting
  • Controlling
  • Human resources
  • Staff development
  • Reception
  • Assistance
  • Communications & event management
  • Information technology
  • Process and quality management

Sales & Service

  • Technical sales
  • Project planning
  • Product management
  • Service technology
  • Service coordination

Entry options

For a future with prospects

Many of our technical experts and managers started their careers with an apprenticeship at Fill. You can find out more about your future at Fill in the course of our career orientation, taster, and technology days.

How to become an apprentice at Fill:

  • Submit an application with your report card, resumé, and photo.
  • Come to a taster day and do the talent check.
  • Convince us at your interview.
  • Start your apprenticeship on September 1 (for some apprenticeships also on March 1).


The head start

Fill offers you many options to supplement your theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Take this opportunity to get a head start in the working world. Take your first steps on the career ladder at Fill.

Fill offers the following options:

  • Holiday internship for school students
  • Vocational internship for college students
  • Degree, bachelor's, or master's thesis
  • Temporary jobs
  • Trainee programs


The Duale Akademie

The Duale Akademie (dual studies program) opens up a training offering in the the following state-of-the-art career paths for AHS (academic secondary school) graduates:

  • Application development – coding
  • Electrical systems engineering
  • Mechatronics for production technology
  • Metal technology for machine engineering

A company trainee program (full-time employment) with an attractive starting salary awaits you. The relevant theory will be taught at the vocational college, supplemented by other educational providers.

You graduate from the Duale Akademie with the new, official qualification of Upper Austrian Business “DA Professional" after 2 to 2.5 years, depending on subject area.


Fill for academics

If you've already completed your vocational college, university of applied sciences, or university studies, there are a wide variety of specialist disciplines at Fill, including in the fields of design engineering, software, service technology, project management, project planning, research & development, sales, communication, HR management, personal development, financial accounting, or controlling.


Fill experience

We are seeking committed specialists, skilled professionals, and managers who are eager to contribute their expertise and help us shape the future. Exciting business areas and interesting projects also await you in international machine and plant engineering – all in a family-friendly environment.


Work & study

The combination of theory and professional experience is the most efficient way to a career with a future. In collaboration with the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences (FH), we can offer courses that combine theory blocks with extended practical phases:

  • Bachelor degree course in Intelligent Production Technology (FH Wels)
  • Bachelor degree course in Hardware/Software Design (FH Hagenberg)
  • Master degree course in Robotic Systems Engineering (FH Wels/Hagenberg)



Fill my Future - Our Benefits

Courage needs space to grow

Only in a safe environment where every individual is is appreciated, where listening is a matter of course, can an employee evolve and concentrate completely on new ideas. Only then can innovation take place.

Fill is the space for the future.

Everything is moving

Fill offers a range of healthy activities to ensure that we not only keep pace, but also live our lives healthily and effortlessly.

  • Healthy meals at special prices
  • 160 m² fitness room for employees and their partners
  • Presentations & workshops on health-related topics
  • Regular yoga classes and fitness training
  • Free vaccinations for the whole family
  • Sports events like table tennis, tennis, skiing, go-carts, climbing, running
  • Free apples for everyone every Monday
  • First aid courses

Fill you in

With our own training center where you can refine and contribute your talents and skills in an ideal environment. It allows us to identify potential, train our managers, and develop specialist career paths.

Here is a selection of our offerings:

  • Individually tailored coaching in personal skills, such as communication, sales/negotiating, presentation techniques, work-life balance, etc.
  • Leadership courses
  • Specialist & product training courses
  • Language courses



Family & profession

You'll find the career that suits your life at Fill, because a harmonious private life is the prerequisite for a free spirit. Fewer sick days and low staff turnover prove that people are happy working here.


We offer:
  • Flexible working time models
  • Childcare for 1 to 12-year-olds
  • Company events with partners and family
  • Fill your Family initiatives, such the Fill baby box, end-of-school parties, excursions, sports events, and many more


In best hands

To continuously ensure the compatibility of work and family life, we offer a special service for working parents. Fill employees can dedicate themselves to their work without any worries, because they know that their children are being cared for superbly in close proximity to their workplace.

Our offering includes:
  • Playgroup for toddlers up to 3 years of age
  • Company childminders for children aged 1 to 12
  • Holiday daycare for children aged 3 to 12



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